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What You Need To Know About Your Skin Care Ingredients & The Bloodstream

Doctors have debated the effects of skin care ingredients on the bloodstream for decades now. While skin care and cosmetics companies have marketed the use of certain ingredients—like parabens—as being safe in skin care, the truth is that anything we put on our skin does, inevitably, end up in our bodies. Ingredients are absorbed into the skin and eventually end up in the bloodstream, where they can impact the body in a variety of ways depending on their chemical make-up.  

First off, we should probably clarify what constitutes a chemical make-up in reference to skin care. Chemical ingredients refer to ingredients that were made in a lab to treat the skin by mimicking its function. Certain chemical ingredients may mimic the skin's production of collagen, hydration, or act as an exfoliant to deliver anti-aging effects. 



Parabens, for example, are an ingredient used to preserve skin care products. On the skin, those same preservatives can be absorbed into the bloodstream and cause issues such as changes to the hormone function and DNA. Scientists have linked parabens to chronic illnesses such as breast cancer and reproductive issues, particularly among women. Though the amount of each chemical that gets absorbed into the blood through skin care products is very small, it’s still something to be aware of.  

Natural skin care products that utilize whole ingredients such as avocado oil or other plant-derived ingredients are not likely to disrupt any part of the body’s function through exposure to the bloodstream. Equil makes all-natural, vegan be skincare with plant-derived ingredients that won’t cause harm when entering the bloodstream. In fact, our all-natural products will also expose the body to essential vitamins and nourishment to boost health instead of taking away from it.

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