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Values that aren’t just skin deep.

EQUIL’s unique range of vegan-based cosmetics offers a head-to-toe, health and beauty experience formulated to suit the tastes of environmentally conscious individuals. Our invigorating skincare products rejuvenate the body, while the soul-enriching purity of the ingredients we use restores the spirit. We chose a name that would inspire us to make our world a better place to live in as we cherish and strive to sustain her natural equilibrium.

While strictly adhering to our vegan values, all of our cosmetic-care products’ natural ingredients are sourced primarily from the Galilee region - an almost mythical place renowned for producing the highest-quality olive oil and other natural products used in traditional health-care. Our Supernatural line of skin treatments comprises a transcendent blend of ingredients lovingly provided by Mother Nature.

For the Purest Natural Skincare.



Vegan cosmetic skincare.

It took us many years journeying far and wide in our search for skin and body care ingredients that weren’t only naturally balanced but effective too, so it was poetic that the place we eventually found them was a place so close to our hearts. We then spent many more years developing and refining our products using traditional insights from holistic medicinal knowledge.

As cosmetics applied to the skin are absorbed into the bloodstream, we’ve made extra sure that every products is free of chemicals and alcohol – guaranteed. Production methods are based on proven formulas and come with globally recognized, international certifications (SLS FREE, Alcohol FREE, Parabens Free and 100% Vegan).

Our products are not tested on animals. In fact, our complete selection of care products is not only suitable for men and women, it’s is pet friendly too.

The Living Ingredients

Jojoba oil

Like a fine wine and pasta, the perfect pairing of Jojoba Oil with Extra Virgin Olive Oil creates a harmony for the senses, while Jojoba Oil’s light consistency helps absorption of the Olive Oil’s nutrients. Both are extracted from plants that withstand harsh conditions and pass their same resilient and protective characteristics to your skin.

Avocado Oil

Your best source for vitamins and nutrients. Avocado oil is naturally packed full of vitamins, nutrients, proteins and fats.

Sweet Almond Oil

A serious skin protector, this hypoallergenic oil is naturally endowed with Vitamin E, A, B, fatty acids and strong antioxidant properties.

Reviews from friends

This is hands down the best moisturizer I’ve ever used  - “I’ve tried so many moisturizers and have sensitive skin. This is hands down the best moisturizer I’ve ever used. It’s not greasy and leaves my skin soft.

Michelle G.

“I am currently going through chemo and have especially dry hands and nails. I was told to try a hand cream without alcohol. They are very hard to find. I am very satisfied with this hand cream and although fragrances sometimes are hard to this doesnt usually bother me." 

Thomas J.